We offer packaging materials in wood, metal and plastic, adapted to your specific needs. This includes transport packaging for shipping by land, air or sea.

Product Packaging Development Services and Solutions

Mugele’s packaging development services are determined by your specifications for individual products and customers. Our packaging solutions are optimized for all technical, logistical, financial, and ecological requirements and are developed in close cooperation with our clients. We will be glad to showcase our expertise in developing custom packaging in wood, metal, plastic, and cardboard (corrugated).

Shipping Pallets

Non-returnable Pallets

  • In all designs and according to drawing
  • Dimensions according to your instructions
  • IPPC design

Reusable Pallets

  • IPPC Treated Wooden Pallets
  • Export Pallets Made from OSB Material
  • Inka Pallets

Special Pallets with Collars

  • New
  • Used
  • In IPPC design or not

Mugele offers these types of pallets for use in packaging and shipping of goods.
Standard constructions or with the dimensions specified by you. We can also provide the corresponding solid wood covers upon request.

Boxes for Packaging and Shipping

Non-returnable Boxes
The inexpensive solution for one-time use. Your goods will be fully protected – e.g., for air or sea shipments.

  • Constructed from solid wood, plywood or OSB
  • Assembled or unassembled

… or entirely according to your specifications.

Reusable Boxes
These boxes are constructed extremely well and are intended for multiple uses.

  • Constructed from solid wood or plywood
  • Can be disassembled with hinge and latch closures
  • Nailed or screwed

… or entirely according to your specifications.

Boxes with and without Insert
We are guided by the needs of the product. We develop intelligent inside packaging adapted to your products.

  • Can be used with all box sizes
  • Inside packaging made from wood, metal, plastic
Mugele provides these types of boxes for packaging and shipping of goods.

Export Boxes
We produce a wide range of export boxes to meet your specific needs. They are constructed to guarantee secure shipping of goods to anywhere in the world. All boxes are also available in designs that satisfy the IPPC standard (ISPM 15). Box constructions for heavy machinery and goods are routine to us.

We will pack your goods for transporting:

  • According to your instructions
  • According to your customers’ instructions
  • According to the import regulations prevailing in the destination countries
  • In conformance with HPE guidelines

Let us show you how we can meet your packaging needs. Submit an order inquiry today.

Shipping Crates

The shape of a wooden crate represents inexpensive protection for your goods.

Your advantage:

  • Optimum protection
  • Inexpensive
  • Ideal for air freight because of reduced weight

Metal Racks

Do you need qualified professional advice and support for designing a metal transport rack?

Try us out!

We will be very glad to develop a practicable concept specifically for your needs on the basis of our deep pool of experience.

ISPM 15 – IPPC Handling

In order to keep pace with the steady increase in demand for exportable pallets, in the summer of 2006 we invested in a wood drying system.
This enables us to dry pallets for products that are subject to special hygiene regulations, and also to perform the IPPC-ISPM 15 procedure. We have received approval to carry out this procedure from the Stuttgart Regional Council, certification number DE-BW-49-1-2-014.
In order to conserve indigenous tree stocks from the introduction of pests that can harm the wood, many countries have passed quarantine laws for this purpose. To prevent widely diverse import regulations from being drafted in different countries, the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), a subordinate organization of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), has issued ISPM 15 (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures) “Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging Material in International Trade” governing international shipping of solid wood packaging material.

Essential Contents of ISPM 15
  • ISPM 15 applies solely to solid wood. Wood materials and solid wood thinner than 6 mm (in accordance with the EU Harmonized System) are excluded.
  • Treatment of packaging in accordance with recognized methods. These include heat treatment (HT) producing a core temperature of 56°C for a period of at least 30 minutes, e.g., by technical drying (KD – kiln-drying) provided the values cited are reached. Chemical Pressure Impregnation (CPI) is only recognized if the previously cited specifications for HT are satisfied. Another method is gassing with methyl bromide (MB) depending on concentration, duration and temperature.
  • Marking the packaging. In this context, identification must be applied on two opposite sides of the packaging and must be permanent and clearly legible. The identification mark is compiled from the country ID according to ISO 3166 (e.g., DE for Germany), the code for the region (e.g., BW for Baden-Württemberg), and a registration number that is assigned to the packaging manufacturer, the packager or the shipper by the regional Plant Conservation Agency (one-time number beginning with 49). With regard to the treatment method, the abbreviation HT is used to indicate heat treatment or MB to indicate gassing with methyl bromide. On occasion, DB may be added to indicate that the wood is debarked.
Example of Identification in Accordance with IPPC
  • IPPC symbol
  • Country code in accordance with ISO 3166, e.g., DE for Germany
  • Region code, e.g., BW for Baden-Württemberg
  • Registration number, issued one time and beginning with 49
  • Treatment method, e.g., HT (heat treatment), MB (methyl bromide), and possibly DB (debarked)
  • Use of debarked wood may be required.
  • Waiver of requirement for official plant conservation certificate.

The plant conversation agencies or authorities will provide information regarding the countries where the IPPC standard is applied, the date when it was adopted, and its precise coverage.

Machine Relocation Services

Do you need to move or relocate single machines, product lines, or entire production plants? Need help with project planning, teardown, packing, loading, transporting, assembly, commissioning, and logistics? Give us a chance to place our knowledge and expertise at your disposal so that you can concentrate on what really matters: growing your business.

Contact Mugele today for your packaging, shipping, and machine relocation needs.